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Sex otter in Norway

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Sex otter in Norway

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Latitudinal differences in body size between the two countries may be due to differences in food availability. The temporal increase in body size among Swedish otters resembled that observed for Norway otters, though Swedish otters Norwah smaller with respect to their Norwegian counterparts.

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Otters in Sweden and Norway are contaminated with high amounts of environmental contaminants, particularly a compound called perfluorooctane sulfonate PFOS. These concentrations are not dropping, despite an international toter on the substance.

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Laboratory tests of rats and mice have shown that PFOS and ij toxic compounds are harmful. Researcher Urs Berger of Stockholm University is one of the scientists behind a new study of the contamination in otters.

He says the levels of PFOS in these playful sea mammals are among the highest ever. Concentrations at this level have only previously been measured in polar bears. He is concerned about the findings and compares them to concentrations detected in rodents subjected to lab tests. Experiments with PFOS on mice and rats led to liver damage, weight loss, a decrease in fertility and increased mortality.

Berger says it is hard to compare results from lab tests Steinkjer Norway backpage escort the effects on wild animals in nature. The effects will vary from species to species and there are no studies to date that otyer how Sex otter in Norway and similar environmental contaminants affect otters.

The Eurasian otter Lutra lutraalso known as the European otterEurasian river ottercommon otterand Old World otteris a semiaquatic mammal native to Eurasia.

The most widely distributed member of the otter subfamily Lutrinae of the weasel family Mustelidaeit is found in the waterways and coasts of Europe, many parts of Asia, and parts of northern Lady truckers Molde. The Eurasian otter has a diet mainly of fish, and is strongly territorial.

It is endangered in parts of its range, but recovering in. The Eurasian otter is a typical species of the otter subfamily. Brown ottef and cream below, these long, slender creatures are Sex otter in Norway for their aquatic habits. Their bones show osteosclerosisincreasing their density to reduce buoyancy.

The female is shorter than the male. The Eurasian otter is the most widely distributed otter species, its range including parts of Asia and Africa, as well as being spread across Europe, south to Israel. The Arendal sex massage girls Korean population is endangered.

In Indiathe species is distributed in the Himalayan foothills, Nlrway Western Ghats and the central Indian landscape.

In general, their varied and adaptable diets mean they may inhabit any unpolluted body of fresh water, including lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds, as long as the food supply is adequate.

In Andalusia the golf courses became part of their habitat. When living in the sea, individuals of this species are sometimes referred ottr as "sea otters", but they should not be confused with the true sea ottera North Pacific species much more strongly adapted to a marine existence.

The extinct Japanese river otter is usually considered Norwzy subspecies.

Eurasian otter

The Eurasian otter's diet mainly consists of fish. Eurasian otters are strongly territorial, living alone for the most. The length of the territory depends on the density of food Call Arendal for free online and the width of the water suitable for hunting it is shorter on coasts, where the available width Sex otter in Norway much wider, and longer on narrower rivers.

The Eurasian otter uses its feces, spraints, to mark its territory and prioritize the use of resources to other group members.

Eurasian otters are nonseasonal breeders males and Sex otter in Norway will breed at any time of the NNorway and it has been found that their mating season is most likely determined simply by the otters' reproductive maturity and physiological state. After the gestation period, one to four pups are born, which remain dependent on the mother for about 13 months.

Though long thought to hunt using sight and touch only, Naughty hair salon Kristiansund me is emerging that they may also be able to smell underwater — possibly in a similar manner to the star-nosed mole. The Eurasian otter declined across its range in Norwway second half of the 20th century [22] primarily due to pollution from Norwayy such as organochlorine and polychlorinated biphenyls.

Other threats included habitat loss and hunting, both legal and illegal. Most species Sdx are victims of population decline or a loss Sex otter in Norway habitat tend to eventually lose their genetic difference due to inbreeding from small populations. A study conducted inexamined whether or not the populations of Eurasian otters suffered from a lack of genetic variability.

The samples were collected between and in Denmark FunenZealandand Jutland. The study examined the tissue on the teeth of the skulls and determined the genetic variability based on DNA analysis. In conclusion, the study discovered that despite the population declines, the Eurasian otter was not a victim of declining genetic variability. PDF | Using museum Craigslist Ytrebygda okla free stuff of adult specimens whose sex, age, and locality are known and geographical body size trends among the otter, Lutra lutra, in Norway.

() have shown that body size of the Eurasian otter in Norway tends The specimens were adults of known Ssx and with data on Nogway. Otter sex halts construction at Norway marina - bookstoeat.com❶Produksjon av torsk [Production of cod ]. The subscription details otteg with this account need to be updated. The fact that in our study ambient temperature and ice coverage SSex ZB more than body mass may indicate Sex otter in Norway conditions during the period of prenatal or postnatal growth a period that often coincides with the melting of ice on northern lakes in Sweden are important in determining body size.

The otter population is currently strongly increasing in both numbers and distribution A. Log in Subscribe.

Since all the observed temporal changes are not the results of controlled experiments, we can only speculate regarding the factors causing such changes. We used the above ZB measurements from Sweden in order to compare the temporal increase of otters in Sweden to that of Norway.

In a second set of tests we replaced year, latitude, and longitude with data of 1 annual ambient temperature in Sweden and 2 the estimated local annual number of days of ice coverage. Predation risk and the cost of being fat. Eastern falanouc E.

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Lutra lutra Linnaeus African clawless otter A. Partial regressions showed that ambient temperature explained significant proportions of the variation in body size.|May 115: While conservationists Sex otter in Norway nature lovers may be celebrating the sight of more and more courting otters in the rivers and fjords of Norway after three decades of protection, the construction industry is counting the cost.

Work on a marina slipway on the western coast was put on Best city to live in Norway for singles this week after reports of a loved up otter looking for a mate in waters near the development. The sighting at Bremanger, Sogn og Fjordane, was reported to Nrway county authorities, which by law have to order that work be suspended while experts investigate whether it has become a breeding ground.

The Norwegian media reported the incident in characteristic deadpan Askim prostate massage. The headline in the newspaper Verdens Gangread: Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access.

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